Academic Programs

Pre-Primary 3-6 Program (Full and Half Day)

Children move about and choose materials from easily accessible shelves. They work on floor mats or at small tables. The goal is to help the child develop mastery of self and environment, self-discipline and social competence. This is done through sensorial, practical life, language, math, and cultural studies materials.

Primary 6-9 Program

By building on skills acquired in the 3-6 classroom, the primary child moves from the concrete to abstract reasoning and problem solving. This program provides a full expression of the Montessori principles of self-directed, individualized learning in a truly integrated curriculum.

Intermediate 9-12 Program

Work in the 9-12 classroom involves the transition from partly sensorial, partly abstract learning to fully abstract thinking. The classroom contains some appropriate materials from the 6-9 classroom, such as the periodic chart of the elements, along with an array of more advanced work and plenty of research material. The child is challenged to be more responsible for the social and physical environment of the classroom, and to develop increasing understanding and sensitivity in his relationships with others.