Included on this page are an array of resources to help our families find important information and stay engaged in their child's learning.

Families and Students

Below are links to some of the most important information you’ll need as you prepare your child for a rewarding educational experience in Cincinnati Public Schools.

Educational Resources

You'll find that this web page is created especially for kids of all ages to come and explore some of the funniest and coolest sites the web has to offer. It's a place to learn, play, read interesting stories and basically have tons of fun on the web. This page contains links to high-quality Internet sites that your parents know and trust.

Animal Planet — An excellent channel with an excellent web site. It's like having a pet on your computer.

Fact Monster — The kids version of "Information, Please." Lots of good info. Well organized pages that look cool but don't have too much distracting stuff.

Nick Jr. — This cool new web site was created by Nickelodeon & Sesame Workshop. You can create your own home page, play cool games, adopt weird creatures and even make your own animations.

PBS Kids — Check out PBS Kids for colorful games, fun facts, and to check up on all your favorite PBS characters. Arthur, Dragon Tales, Sagwa, and more of your favorite TV friends are all here waiting for you to visit.

Ref Desk — Everything you ever wanted to know is linked here, and in a well-organized way.

Wacky Web Tales — This site has to be my personal favorite. They let you write your own story. Fill in the blanks and roll on the floor in gut-splitting laughter. Fun for the whole family.

World Atlas — What do you know about geography? If it's not on this site it is linked on this site. This one takes some practice and reading to use, but the amount of information is worth it.

Homework Help — You're too young to remember the encyclopedia salesperson visiting your house trying to sell you a set. How did they carry those things around all day long anyway? Here it is,

Info Please Homework Center — No homework will be left undone! All subjects ranging from the alphabet to zoology. Check it out yourself. Use the online almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia, not to mention a biography database! Homework — has everything, including those pesky pop-up ads. Duck!

Homework Spot — Homework Spot is a free homework site featuring the very best K-12 homework-related sites grouped in grade-related categories. Check it out.

English/Language Arts

Accelerated Reader

Students can look up books to see if there is a quiz, and once you've read a book you can sign in to take a quiz. Please follow the links below:

CPS Approved Reading List

To view book titles on the CPS Approved Reading List, select a reading level from the list below:

Classroom Tools

Find out what is going on in the students classroom community. Parents are able to find homework assignments, newsletters and much more:

Project Connect

For children who are experiencing homelessness, the risk of falling behind academically is significantly greater. Project Connect helps clear barriers to education for families who are homeless. From assisting with enrollment and promoting attendance to providing in-school and summer programs, Project Connect provides guidance and support to give a leg up for children and youth who are experiencing homelessness. Learn more about Project Connect and the services it offers.

Technology Tools

Schoology (pronounced "Skoo-luh-jee") Communication Tool Now Available — is an integrated learning-management solution that gives students, parents and teachers a new and easy way to connect and communicate.

Google Apps for Education — CPS has adopted Google Apps for Education as a key tool for student learning. Google Apps for Education is a web-based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use. All Google Apps services can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Putting our Technology Tools to Work

Our world is driven by technology. Digital devices and software add a dynamic element that keeps students interested and provide access to tools that prepare them for the future.

Montessori Links

Reading First — Ohio Center Online Courses For Parents

The Reading First-Ohio Center has just completed production of two online courses for parents and families that highlight connections between home, classroom and Ohio’s academic content standards. The courses are free and available on their website:

The first course, "Games Parents Play," features parents and children from Ohio playing literacy based games with their children. Seven literacy-focused games were created to easily fit into the busy schedules of today's parents and guardians. The games are familiar and may already be old favorites with families. For example, in Concentration, players are set up with rows of cards in front of them. Each player takes a turn flipping over two cards at a time, looking for synonyms (words with the same meaning). If the two cards flipped are synonyms, then that player gets another turn. This game works best with smaller groups and requires minimal materials (cards). All game directions and scripts can be downloaded as well as any game cards necessary.

In the second course, "A Look in the Classroom," parents visit classrooms to see how the literacy games they play at home are also found at school — only in new and different ways, Parents and caregivers can watch as teachers develop reading skills to higher levels, drawing on what children know and can do already. An expert explains how teachers and parents actually use similar strategies to develop reading and writing concepts and skills. A video explanation of how literacy activities and games covered in this program support Ohio's English/Language Arts Academic Content Standards is also provided.

Additional Links: